FT232RL Breakout board

I designed this breakout board to be easy to etch at home. It’s a very simple design with plenty of isolation between the tracks and ground pour. It only allows 4 signals out: +5V, TX, RX, and GND. It is mostly one-sided except for 1 jumper between “ground planes”. The test pads on the edge are meant to solder pin headers to so that the board can stand upright on a breadboard.

Pinout (top left to right on the Gerber pic):
“PAD5”: +5V from USB port
“PAD6”: GND to USB port

Eagle Files

Breakout board Eagle Files and Gerbers


I etched the board, but I never populated the caps… Not good, I know; but it works fine without them for prototyping. I have a tendency to over-work my boards if something goes wrong, so this time I decided to leave well enough alone since it was working. I’m probably going to inadvertently destroy something. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time!

Notice the green jumper wire between the ground plane and the orphaned pour. I guess I didn’t really even need to do that since I didn’t populate the caps!