Access SQL Editor Downloads

You need a license in order to activate these downloads.  If you don’t have a license already, please get one by registering for a trial, or buy now.

32-bit versions are only needed on 32-bit versions of Windows.  In most cases, you should use the 64-bit version.

Stable Versions

Version Link (64-bit) Link (32-bit)
v1.1.36 64-bit 32-bit
v1.1.35 64-bit 32-bit
v1.1.32 64-bit 32-bit
v1.1.31 64-bit
v1.1.30 64-bit
v1.1.29 64-bit 32-bit
v1.1.28 64-bit 32-bit

Beta Versions

Version Link (64-bit) Link (32-bit) Notes
v1.1.34 64-bit 32-bit Additional updates/fixes to mechanism from v1.1.33.
v1.1.33 64-bit 32-bit Fixes a long-standing conflict that caused problems when a user has other .NET COM object(s) loaded into Access while trying to use Access SQL Editor.