Access SQL Editor Downloads

You need a license in order to activate these downloads.  If you don’t have a license already, please get one by registering for a trial, or buy now.

Please note: the SQL Editor is currently in maintenance mode, and we will only be implementing bug fixes. Microsoft plans to release an improved SQL Editor directly into their product within the first half of 2021.

Stable Versions

Version Combined 64/32-bit Link (64-bit) Link (32-bit) Notes
v1.1.55   64-bit 32-bit

12/21/2022: Upgraded Log4Net due to security issue

v1.1.54   64-bit 32-bit Check the bitness(32/64) of Office (NOT your operating system) before installing!
v1.1.52   64-bit 32-bit  
v1.1.50   64-bit 32-bit  
v1.1.49   64-bit 32-bit

Fixes crash issue that some users were having with other 3rd party tools installed.

v1.1.46   64-bit 32-bit  
v1.1.45     32-bit  
v1.1.44     32-bit  
v1.1.41     32-bit  
v1.1.40.1     32-bit  
v1.1.36   64-bit 32-bit  
v1.1.35   64-bit 32-bit  
v1.1.32   64-bit 32-bit  
v1.1.31   64-bit    
v1.1.30   64-bit    
v1.1.29   64-bit 32-bit  
v1.1.28   64-bit 32-bit  

Beta Versions

Version Combined 64/32-bit Link (64-bit) Link (32-bit) Notes
v1.1.53 Access SQL Editor Installer      
v1.1.34   64-bit 32-bit Additional updates/fixes to mechanism from v1.1.33.
v1.1.33   64-bit 32-bit Fixes a long-standing conflict that caused problems when a user has other .NET COM object(s) loaded into Access while trying to use Access SQL Editor.

Alpha Versions

Version Link (64-bit) Link (32-bit) Notes
v1.1.43   32-bit  
v1.1.40   32-bit Custom test build with NetOffice compiled (instead of NuGet)
v1.1.39   32-bit  
v1.1.38 64-bit 32-bit Windows 10 test build, attempting to fix bug installing (installer complains of OfficeApi.dll)
v1.1.37 64-bit 32-bit Windows 10 test build with upgraded libraries